ignite your fire within

Signs (June 02, 2009)
What happened can be a sign, a sign to justify, to validate,
to substantiate your next course…

Speak Wisely (March 19, 2012)
While what’s happening right now might not be completely to your liking, understand that it might just be a…

Conquering the Mind 02 (October 27, 2011)
No great warrior has ever gained ground on the battlefield before gaining ground in the territory of the mind.…

Amateur or Virtuoso 03 (October 27, 2011)
If you ever grow impatient about your current level of success, remind yourself that every great artist was once…

Doubts 04 (October 27, 2011)
Just like fire has a hard time getting traction on wet surfaces; your dreams will skid and lose footing,…

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Speak Wisely
Conquering the Mind 02
Amateur or Virtuoso 03
Doubts 04
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You Haven’t Lived
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It’s Just A Game
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How You Spend Your Days
What’s The Worth
What Do You Do
Inner Fire
Live Without It
Focus On It
Great Success
A Brief Stop
Face Them
The Path
Push Button
Bring Your Own Light
Universal Guidance
Expect A Miracle
Your Greatest Advisors
Time Has Come
The Way You Look At It
A Happy Person
The One
A Visit
The Untamed You
Rise Up
Live In The Present
Oxygenate Your Spirit
Strong Identity
You are Playing Safe
Hard Enough
Remain True To Yourself
Avoid Avoidance
Greatest Gift
Slow Progress
Think Abundance
Live With Purpose
The Most Blessed Day
Making Things Bigger
Standing Still
Let there be fear
Begin a great undertaking
Strong Will
Big Enough
Your Thinking is Right When
Greatest Possession
Being Watched
What If