College Orientation Program
Do you know that 46% of college students who drop out of college will do so during their first semester in college? It’s during this transition time when the students are the most vulnerable and lack the most confidence. This session How To Move Forward When You Feel Like Quitting During Your First Year in College is designed to help students break through thoughts of uncertainty, doubts, and the lack of confidence that comes with the unfamiliarity of a new journey. But most importantly, it is designed to help students transition with confidence. This program is extremely interactive, fun, inspirational and is only performed for College Orientations.

Students will learn:
•How To Develop momentum that will keep them going through uncertain times
•How to overcome the doubts that creep in at the beginning of every journey
•How to develop positive habits from day one that will serve as a foundation for the next 4 years
•How to attract the right peers and mentors and develop support groups
• How to turn setbacks into comebacks
•How to identify what/who is holding them back & when is time to leave those things or people behind
•And Much, Much, More -- For More info Contact us or text us a question- 239-424-9152 or if you are ready to book Andres download our contract