Hispanic Heritage Month Program
A research study found five general characteristics of successful people 1-commitment and determination 2-creativity, self-reliance and ability to adapt 3-leadership 4-opportunity obsession 5-motivation to excel. Hispanics and Latinos, in this country, are those who were dissatisfied with the status quo in their homeland and were willing to do something about it...willing to take leadership for their lives. Leaving everything behind to start a new life with nothing says lots about their commitment, determination, and motivation to excel. And the fact that they’ve made it this far is a testimonial about their self-reliance and ability to adapt.

By being Hispanic or Latino, weather you have realized it or not, you are by default among a very small percentage of the population that possesses vital characteristics ... characteristics possessed by a very small elite group which are usually referred to as .... successful people. If your parents were the one who immigrated to this country, you are still among this group because you grew up around this environment. This program How Hispanics & Latinos Can Move Forward To Challenge The Status Quo is only performed for College students during Hispanic Heritage Month.

You will learn
•How To Tap in the Characteristics of success that you already possess
•How to overcome the negative mindset that others have let you to believe about yourself
•How to increase your focus into what’s important and therefore do less while accomplishing more
•How to turn negative experiences into driving force which will motivate and inspire you
• How to reach the top of success by finding other Latinos or Hispanics that can help you get there
•How to identify what/who is holding you back & when is time to leave those things or people behind
•And Much, Much, More -- For More info Contact us or text us a question- 239-424-9152 or if you are ready to book Andres download our contract