Staff Development Training/Employee Training/In Service Training
Imagine a working environment where employees and associates look forward to come to work, where your employees feel connected to one another, where there’s a sense of comradery, where people think of work as fun and they are always in tune with their mission. Imagine a working environment where complaints are low and morale is high, where employees take ownership for their actions, and are self-motivated because work stands for more than work’s a cause which gives meaning to their every action. This program: How To Fall In Love With Your Job When You Feel Like Hating It is only done for Staff Development Training, Employee Training, or In Service Training.

You Will Learn:
- How to become a Charismatic leader and communicator; one that inspires/moves others into action
- How to keep your team motivated during difficult times
- What to do to keep retention rate high and complaints low
- How to make your workplace fun and enjoyable so your team looks forward to coming to work
- How to communicate with difficult people with ease and without making them feel invalidated
- How to speak so others listen, follow, and take responsibility
- How to gain rapport in 60 seconds or less
- How to get virtually everyone to do anything without resenting what they are doing
- How to have long term influence rather than short term influence
- What to do so people around you take accountability for their actions or lack there of
-And Much, Much, More -- For More info Contact us or text us a question- 239-424-9152 or if you are ready to book Andres download our contract