How To Influence Others With Charisma: How To Speak So Others Listen, Follow, & Take Responsibility
Is there lack of cooperation in your working environment? Do you wish others will take responsibility for their actions? Are there times when conflict escalates to the point where people feel uncomfortable among each other? Do you have to constantly follow up on others to make sure a task gets done? If so, this workshop can help.

This Seminar Will Touch On:
•Dealing with difficult people with ease
• Having long-term rather than short-term influence
• How to speak so others get inspired
•Dealing with opposing views without invalidating others
• How to be a sensitive communicator
• How to gain the respect of your team in 60 seconds
•And Much, Much, More -- For More info Contact us or text us a question- 239-424-9152 or if you are ready to book Andres download our contract